Working with a VA - What would you outsource?

Posted on 15th April 2020

I've previously written about how to choose and work with a virtual assistant. Let's now look at how to decide which tasks to outsource. Letting go isn't always easy; I totally get that. Sometimes, also, you're too busy to 'see the wood for the trees'.

Firstly, think about what your core role is, why you went into business in the first place, what value you bring to your clients, what you love about what you do. 

The role of your VA is to help you either make money or save money (maybe both), to save you time and to bring some organisation and clarity to your life.  Ultimately, a good virtual assistant will become your 'wing woman' - she'll help you keep the promises you make to your clients - and to your family too!

So, where to start? Which tasks should be done by yourself and which should be delegated?

I like to think of my solution as a 'traffic light system', helping you think this through:
  • Write down every task you do over the next few days
  • Mark in red the stuff that only you can do
  • Mark in orange the things you'd consider delegating further down the line.  This might include medium complexity tasks, but things you don't really like doing, or things that especially eat away at your time
  • The rest is green and can be delegated first
As you work your way through the 'green stuff' where appropriate, write down the steps you take to complete the tasks. This not only gives you an indication of how long the task takes to complete (and therefore how many hours you may need a VA for), but the output is also a 'How to Guide' - perfect for delegating. Admittedly, it will take a little longer this time around, but it's potentially the last time you'll be performing these tasks yourself - short term pain, long term gain!

Next, make a list of all the things you'd like to do or know you should be doing but never have time for. These could be either business-related or in connection with your personal life. Make sure none of these should be orange or green. If they should be, you know what to do!

The business-related things on your red wishlist will probably be things like business development, trying new marketing initiatives, giving better service and value to your clients, developing a new product or service etc.

I'll leave you to decide what should be on your personal wishlist, but spending more quality time with family or on hobbies are the kind of thing I'm anticipating!

Now we have a very good starting point which can form the basis of a one-hour, no-obligation Discovery Call. Let's have a chat and see where it take us! Contact me here.
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