Tips and Tricks - 5 Reasons to go Incognito

Posted on 3rd June 2019

Do you ever use Google Chrome in private or Incognito mode?

 Going Incognito means that no cached data such as passwords, logins, cookies or your browsing history are stored.

 There are several good reasons why you should!  Here's my top five, with a simple one for starters:

Have you ever viewed a particular hotel on a travel site or perfume on a department store's website, only to be inundated with ads for that particular item shortly afterwards?  Not great if you were researching a gift for your 'other half!'  Going incognito will leave no trace.  Phew!

Use Incognito mode to ensure you get the best price when booking services online such as flights or hotel rooms.  If you don't, it's rumoured that certain sites see you've been tempted into coming back for a second visit and hike the prices accordingly.

If you ever need to simultaneously log into multiple accounts on the same platform, going Incognito will save you logging out of one to enable you to log into another e.g. you might want to log into two different Gmail accounts at the same time, two different Outlooks or Microsoft Offices etc.  Using a different browser extends this still further!

Use Incognito mode to view websites, social media etc. as a visitor/member of the public and see what's out there about you!


My fifth and final reason is potentially the most important.

Always use Incognito mode when logging into one of your accounts on someone else's computer.  This way you'll know that no private information of your own has been cached to their computer.

Incognito mode icon.

So how do I do this?

It couldn't be easier.  Simply go to the three dots at the top right and select 'New Incognito Window.'  Alternatively, if you like keyboard shortcuts, it's Crtl + Shift + N.

Of course, you might have children and not like the idea of Incognito mode at all.  Whilst it can't be disabled, there is an app which is available at low-cost called Incoquito.  Whilst I've not tried it myself, I understand it does the job quite nicely.

However, It's important to remember that going Incognito is not completely private. Your browing history can still be seen by your Internet Service Provider or your employer, and your traffic is not encrypted. Still a useful little trick though.

Watch out for more of my favourite office Tips and Tricks in my series of blogs coming soon!

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